Glenn "Fuzz" Corey

Glenn "Fuzz" Corey

Glenn "Fuzz" Corey Glenn "Fuzz" Corey Glenn "Fuzz" Corey

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There are two major trends in art in the last hundred years: Expression and Reference. For my part, even though some of my works, especially my pastel pieces, have expressive techniques in them, reference plays the major role. Much of the work looks back to the mythology and other subjects that have been depicted by other artists of the past. A portrait has a heritage of all other portraits painted before it. Sometimes the new portrait refers back to what others have done; a landscape to the tradition of other landscapes. My work often refers back to those traditions. The poet Charles Baudelaire, in the 19th century, sought a painter of modern life. In much of my work I try to take themes and images of the past and make them more contemporary to try to satisfy the 21st-century Baudelaire. "The conscious utterance of thought, by speech or action, to any end, is Art." R.W. Emerson